General appointment advice

Get Better Quicker /  Cancellation Policy
In order for you to get the assessment and treatment you need to get better, it is ideal for us to keep every appointment. But we know sometimes things come up, if you need to change an appointment, please provide us with 12 hours notice so that we can arrange to care for another client during that time. It will also allow you to avoid the $50 fee for missed or late notice changes to your appointment.

What to expect
We ask you please arrive 5 to 10 minutes prior to your appointment so you can become familiar with our studio and you will be required to complete an information form electronically.  

Upon arrival at our foot care studio you have the option to park at the front with quick access to the entry ramp or for those trying to increase their steps you may use the parking at the rear of the studio.

You will be entering into our Studio where our customer service gurus will meet you with open arms! Unless they are already full with pens / phones / printing in that case it will be big smile. If it’s your first time to our studio they will request you complete an electronic information form so be sure to bring your glasses, they will also be sure to inform you where the restrooms are and what our cancellation policy is so you don't get any missed or late notice fees.You can then relax in our beautiful new natural light studio while you wait for your podiatrist.

During your first appointment, the podiatrist will spend time gathering relevant medical history and will complete an in-depth foot and ankle assessment. The podiatrist will also talk to you about your overall health, what’s important to you and what your presenting issue is. This will help the podiatrist identify the outlining issue, complaint, concern or problem.

The podiatrist will discuss their findings with you and will formulate a treatment and management plan, specific to your presenting complaint or concern. From their findings, the podiatrist may require further analysis and examination which may include a gait analysis or a referral for medical imaging.

Following the initial appointment, the podiatrist will provided you with a comprehensive management plan and the podiatrist will take you back to our custom service gurus who will secure any future bookings you require. You will also be provided with a copy of your management plan to act as a reminder as to what is required for the successful management of your condition.

We are always here to help so if you need to see us before your next consultation the podiatrist will do their best to call you back and discuss any questions or concerns.  Your appointment card will have the podiatrists’ email address on it so feel free to email with any concerns and your podiatrist will endeavour to reply as soon as possible.

At Undefeeted Podiatry we take pride on being at the frontline of cutting edge podiatry  treatment outcomes and patient experiences, therefore we highly value feedback. All feedback is valued and is used to improve the quality of our services. Following your initial appointment an email will be sent to provide you with the opportunity to provide feedback, if you could please spend a few minutes of your time to provide feedback we would greatly appreciate it.

What to bring:

● To help us get a clearer understanding of your foot health and concerns it would be very helpful if you could endeavour to bring the following to your consultation:
● A list of your medications
● Child’s health and development record book
● Any relevant x-rays, ultrasounds, medical reports or test results
● Private health insurance, Medicare, pension or concession cards
● Three pairs of shoes you currently wear the most e.g. work shoes, sports shoes, around the house shoes.
● Any insoles / padding ect you may have purchased or been issued by another health practitioner
● Shorts or similar if a gait analysis is required to give a clear few of the legs and feet.

General Appointment Advice Information
Please remove any nail polish prior to your consultation if you wish the podiatrist to assess or treat your toe nails.
Please avoid applying moisturiser the morning of your consultation as this can make the surface of your feet slippery for the podiatrist to work on.
We hope you enjoy your experience at Undefeeted Podiatry.