"My big vision is to get kids off the couch and
back on the field, court, stage or arena".

- Brogan


Founder | CEO | B.Pod

Why is sport so important to you?

Sport played a large roll in my childhood and essentially shaped the adult I have grown to be today. Despite busy schedules held by both parents, my brother and I were encouraged to give everything a go. It taught us great lessons around commitment, teamwork and the dedication required to achieve our goals. These life lessons certainly provided a platform for my future endeavours, both personally and professionally.

Why did you choose podiatry?

At the age of 10 I recall so vividly sitting on the floor of a Calisthenics competition putting my dance shoes on with tears rolling down my face. The pain I was experiencing in both of my heels was nothing I had experienced before - even after a knee dislocation.

The sensation was like my bones were walking on the ground without any padding. Calisthenics is a team sport so I had no choice but to carry on, however that was the start of a long journey with a Podiatrist.

I was lucky enough to visit a Sunbury Based Clinic for my heel concerns. It took some time to recover (with the possibility of having to be sidelined from all sports for a period of 6 months), but eventually the heels settled down with the Orthotics I was prescribed.

I was lucky enough to return to the same Sunbury Clinic for my first job as a qualified podiatrist so I could pay it forward to all those youngsters coming in with sore heels.

What’s your big vision?

My big vision is to get the next generation of kids off the couch, away from the Play-station and back on the field, court, stage or arena - where ever it may be. The entire team at Undefeeted Podiatry and I will be there to support them, keeping them moving at an optimal level and feeling great to perform at their very best. Our Studio is just the beginning in our quest to keep champions ahead of the game, with a vision for a mind, body and soul approach.

How important is an active lifestyle for you and your family?

My husband, Adam and I, make it our mission to keep our baby boy, Parkes, active and exploring the great outdoors - with a focus on living in the moment. I really want to keep Parkes’ childhood fun and full of great memories. We spend as much time as possible walking around the local park - he loves to swing on the swings, smell the flowers and ride his two-wheeler. We also love taking him on getaways to ride motorbikes, waterski and play in the snow.

“I’m glad I’m not raising kids these days”, is often said to me. I think it’s because there’s so much pressure with the rise of social media use, coupled with the fast-paced lifestyle we all live in. I am determined to slow it down and take it back to the good old fashioned values of outdoor fun and adventure.

We, like every parent, want the best care and support available for our son which inspires me every day to create something unique at Undefeeted - somewhere parents can trust that we have their little ones best interest at heart.

Brogan Pearsall leaves an innovative footprint in the podiatry industry with the establishment of a fresh, vibrant and dynamic foot care studio that is dedicated to supporting children, teenagers and their families with high quality foot care to ensure their sporting hobbies kick-off on the right foot.

After graduating from LaTrobe University in 2010, Brogan immediately started working full time at a Sunbury based podiatry clinic – the same clinic that helped her with her heel injury as a child.

From there, Brogan jumped at the opportunity to become a practitioner at Craigieburn Podiatry Centre. Within a few years, the reigns of the business were officially handed over to her and she set about to modernize and expand the business to better serve the community.

In April 2018, Craigieburn Podiatry Centre rebranded to Undefeeted Podiatry, with a vision to “keep champions ahead of the game”.

With a team of expert practitioners, working across the North West and the dedication to personalized service, Brogan and Undefeeted Podiatry have the formula of a winning team.

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