We've got you covered



Should your Doctor deem you eligible for an Enhanced Primary Care Plan (EPC for short).
We will Bulk Bill your consultation on the spot with no out of pocket expense Monday - Friday.
Bulk Billing is not available on Saturdays effective from 2020.
You are entitled to a maximum of five podiatry consultations per year that can be bulk billed to Medicare.
Please see your GP to find out if you are eligible, we are not able to determine this.

We accept DVA referrals prepared by your doctor.
Please note that the level of podiatry care entitlements differ between gold and white cards.


If you have private health insurance with Podiatry extra’s cover you may be able to claim all or part of your podiatry consultation on the spot.
To check if you are eligible please contact your health fund or phone our reception team for further guidance.


Please have your case manager contact the clinic if you require podiatry treatment funded under the Transport Accident Commission (TAC).


As we are not a registered NDIS provider we cannot bill NDIS on your behalf.
However, if you are managed by a third party provider such as Care Connect, Plan Partners, Leisure Networks ect we are happy to invoice them directly.
We also accept self managed NDIS clients


Effective from the 1st of September 2015, any patient attending under Workcover will be required to pay the full consultation fee as outlined in fees above.
Patients will receive a receipt to forward to the relevant person managing their work cover claim.
Should you sustain a work related injury that requires Podiatry assessment or care, please contact us for further information prior to making an appointment.