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What is Lunula Laser?

The Erchonia Lunula Laser machine utilizes a low level laser to eliminate any fungus found in the toenails. Lunula has been ‘Food and Drug Association’ market approved to effectively target the appearance of the displeasing and at times troublesome fungal toenails. The treatment involves consecutive four, weekly, 12 minute cycles on the affected foot.

Unlike other hot laser treatments that burn or damage healthy tissue, the Lunula machine is currently the only pain-free, non-thermal laser that emits no dangerous smoke plumes or vapors. The technology involved in this treatment involves constantly rotating dual (hot and cold) lasers.  

How did I get fungal nail infections?

The Toenail fungus often spreads through microscopic spores that can be found in shared locations such as communal showers and pool floors. They can spread to the skin and nails easily, the warm, dark and moist environment of the feet are the ideal habitat for fungal growth. Once the fungus has matured and completely invaded the nail, there is a high likelihood of spreading through spore formation.

Who is a good candidate for Lunula Laser?

Anyone with fungal nails.Although there are no known side effects of Lunula Laser during pregnancy, it is advised to wait until after pregnancy to continue with ongoing treatment.

Summary of The Lunula Advantage?

  • No pain and no risk 
  • 6.1 millimeters of new clear nail growth at 6 months 
  • No use dangerous smoke plumes 
  • FDA market approved for new clear nail growth at 6 months
  • Noted response from at least 89% of all clients


“Results have shown in as little as 3 months, nails that were infected to the base have become clear”

Marion Yaw BSc(Hons) MSc,
Harley Medical Foot and Nail Laser Clinic, London

“The successful treatment of nails with an initial percent involvement of up to 100% demonstrates the laser’s ability to permeate down to the nail bed”

Robert Sullivan BSc.(Hons) Podiatry