$65.00 per application*

*consultation fee charged separately


What is Onyfix?

Onyfix is a nail bracing system available at Undefeeted Podiatry for the treatment and management of ingrown and involuted toenails. The Onyfix nail brace is applied to the nail base, and hardened with an LED blue light. The Onyfix will encourage the toenail to grow back to its natural shape, reducing pain levels in the nail sulci. The application process is pain free and can provide rapid relief once applied. Onyfix is also safe for patients with diabetes and can be used whilst participating in water based activities such as swimming. No local anesthetic is required unlike toenail removal procedures. Want to give Onyfix a go? Have a chat to your podiatrist at your next appointment to see if this treatment is right for you.  

How did I get ingrown toenails?

There are a few key factors that can predispose you to ingrown toenails:

  • If the nails are not cut straight across, or if the nails are cut too short.  
  • Genetic predisposition, whilst this can't be controlled, it can be helped.
  • Tight fitting footwear or socks, this applies a greater amount of pressure on the sides of the nails.
  • Trauma to the nail, bumping the nail against an obstacle or dropping heavy objects on the nail can lead to uncharacteristic nail growth.

Who is a good candidate for Onyfix?

Anyone who has ingrown toenails and surgery is not compatible.Anyone with ingrown toenails who have not had success with surgery in the past. Anyone with involuted toenails, (these are nails that are curly)

Summary of the Onyfix advantage?

  • Contemporary, pain-free treatment for involuted and ingrown nails 
  • Corrects the nails through adaptation 
  • Suitable for clients with diabetes 
  • No restrictions on any activities


“Results have shown in as little as 3 months, nails that were infected to the base have become clear”

Marion Yaw BSc(Hons) MSc,
Harley Medical Foot and Nail Laser Clinic, London

“The successful treatment of nails with an initial percent involvement of up to 100% demonstrates the laser’s ability to permeate down to the nail bed”

Robert Sullivan BSc.(Hons) Podiatry