Foot Pain

foot pain

Did you know that your foot is composed of 26 bones that form two crossing arches of the foot?

The foot also contains joint, ligament, muscle/tendon, nerve, blood vessels, skin, and soft tissue structures. Disease of any of these structures in the foot can cause foot pain. Therefore, when you experience discomfort or pain, that’s an indication that something is wrong. How and when that occurs, can often help in determining the cause and severity of the condition.

These are some of conditions that walk into our studio :
   •Plantar Warts
   •Athletes Foot
   •Ingrown Toenails
   •Tarsal Coalitions
   •Claw Toes
   •Hammer Toes
   •Mortons Neuroma
   •Boney Spurs
   •Flat Feet
   •High arched feet
   •Muscle imbalance
   •Heel Pain

When discomfort due to foot pain interferes with your normal activities, you should seek medical advice. We conduct a series of physical and visual assessments:

   •Weight-bearing foot posture
   •Dynamic Gait Assessment
   •Functional Testing
   •Non weight-bearing
   •Footwear Assessment

If further investigation is required, we refer for an X-ray, MRI, or bone scan.

Treatment of foot pain will depend on the cause of the pain and may involve a combination of: taping, strengthening and stretching program, orthotic therapy, footwear fitting and education, physical therapy, activity modification immobilisation, and possible surgical referral.

We take all the right steps to ensure you always putting your best foot forward.

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