“No matter how big or small your concerns are, let’s work together to get you back to your best self!”


Dan Huynh


B.AS, M.Pod Prac

Bachelor of Podiatry (Honours)

Year of Graduation

Why did you choose Podiatry as your career?

When I was younger, I always knew I wanted to pursue something in the medical field but I was unsure of specifically what field it would be. When a friend introduced me to Podiatry, I saw how our work could tangibly help people with their concerns. I knew then that I wanted to pursue the field further.

What area of Podiatry do you most enjoy?

I am interested in all areas of Podiatry, particularly Diabetes management and providing patients with education to achieve their goals. I am also interested in dermatological presentations. What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not at the studio? I enjoy playing basketball, going on walks and spending time with family and friends. I also love music; I play guitar and sometimes DJ for friends at small gatherings.

What sporting team are you passionate about?

I enjoy watching the NBA and follow the Oklahoma City Thunder. I also enjoy watching MMA and occasionally boxing.

If you had a foot or ankle concern why would you book with the Undefeeted team?

At Undefeeted, we genuinely care about the wellbeing of our patients. We want to get to know you, your concerns and your goals. Then we can both work together to figure out a plan that will have you back to your best self, as soon as possible!

What do you love most about being a part of the team at Undefeeted Podiatry?

The team at Undefeeted is so welcoming, friendly and warm. Everybody supports and uplifts one another. I think this really makes a big difference in our profession and ultimately means that we can deliver the best possible care for our patients.