March 25, 2024

Exploring the World of Medical Pedicures by Podiatrists

Pedicures are often thought as a cosmetic approach to improving the way one's foot looks, but they can also play an important role in foot health.  A "medical pedicure" is the latest form of a pedicure for those seeking holistic foot care with a professional touch to it.  Most pedicures are performed at nail salons and spas, but a medical pedicure is performed by a podiatrist.   They focus on aesthetics just like a nail salon, but they also delve into the therapeutic side of things as well.    We are going to cover what a medical pedicure involves and the benefits you can expect to have as a result.

What does a medical pedicure involve?

The initial step of a medical pedicure is to examine the foot comprehensively to get an idea of any issues or conditions that need addressing.  Once the examination is complete, the podiatrist will then tailor a plan for the individual which may involve treating any nail conditions, debriding callus or corns, dry skin, fungal infections and any education surrounding optimising foot health.

The feet are then cleansed with a disinfectant to eliminate any bacteria and debris.

Following this, our podiatrists will then cut and file down all your nails.  Alongside this, a burr will be used to smooth out and also thin down any nails that are a bit more tough and thick.  The techniques that are used ensure the chances of an ingrown toenail developing are extremely low.  If there are any ingrown toenails, these are treated to resolve any discomfort and pain.

You may have noticed some thick, hard skin on your skin at times. This is a result from friction that has been occurring in that area over a repeated amount of times.  If there is a highly pressured spot in a very local area, a corn may develop (which can feel like there's a rock in your foot!).  Both of these are removed in a medical pedicure to relieve discomfort.  This can also help prevent any ulceration in certain individuals.

After this, the podiatrists will use a Moore's disc to smooth out all that rough skin and ensure there's a smooth finish.    Alongside this, a tea tree spray is applied to help prevent any fungal skin infections.

One of the final touches is our nail oil that is applied onto all nails to prevent any dry and damaged nails in the future.  (It also smells awesome!)

The last step is a hydrating moisturiser applied to both feet, to ensure optimum skin integrity is achieved.  Focus is applied in areas of particular dryness or cracks to ensure they heal up well.

Last but not least - While all of this has been going on, our podiatrists will be providing education to ensure foot care in the future is of high standard, which could include: footwear recommendations, nail pathologies and skin conditions.  All of this will help the individual prevent any common foot issues.  All of these tips will help people take best care of their feet in between appointments.

Now if you can't already see the benefits, the following will explain why it's worth it getting a medical pedicure performed:

Medical pedicures are targeting a holistic approach as opposed to regular pedicures, so you're getting carious foot issues sorted such as fungal infections, ingrown toenails, as well as callus.

You are also preventing more serious complications such as ulceration and infections from happening in the first place, by addressing the root cause of those issues.  This is especially important for those individuals with diabetes or any blood flow related issues.

Removing corns, and cutting out ingrown toenails can relieve pain almost instantly.  This will help with day to day activities, ensuring nothing gets in the way of life.

Optimal cleansing during a medical pedicure helps to continue proper foot health and hygiene, which reduces the likelihood of fungal infections.

The education that you receive is one of, if not, the most important part of the appointment, as this will help you have all the tools to keep your feet in great condition for the rest of your life.

AND, of course after a medical pedicure, your feet look and feel fantastic.  You'll be dancing out of the room!

Overall, medical pedicures approach foot care in a holistic manner.  This is achieved by mixing therapeutic treatment with aesthetic improvements, providing extreme value to the general public of all ages