July 8, 2018

Kicking goals this football season

Whether your kid plays football referred to as the World’s Game or our very own beloved Australian Football, it is safe to say that the season for both has now started and is in top flight.

These sports involve a great amount of running and the seasons are long so your child’s feet, ankles and knees are going to be placed under an immense amount of stress for long periods of time.  This can make them prone to injuries such as: Achilles Tendonities, Sever’s Disease, Sesamoiditis, Plantar fasciitis (heel pain), Shin Splints and ITB problems and many more.

Like any athlete they need proper care and guidance to keep them ahead of the game. We conduct series of tests which include gait analysis and 3D scanners to assess their progress to then provide sports strapping, shoe fitting, orthotic therapy and stretch and strengthening programs in a case by case manner.

We also assess footwear and help you choose the right pair of boots which is very important in any sport:

  • Different features of studs, including shape, size and the position of them, influence the grip of the boot on the ground.
  • The material of the upper section of the boot can be made from either leather or synthetic materials. Synthetic materials are typically lighter, whereas leather conforms to the foot better and gives the player a better feel of the ball.
  • The innersole or our very own orthotic therapy can provide cushioning and support to the foot to make fitting customised to each foot.

Make an appointment at Undefeeted Podiatry so we can help you raise champions of the future.