January 31, 2024

Preparing for Back To School! Tips and tricks!

The summer holidays are just about over and all you parents must be over the moon!  No more running around to water parks and thinking of how best to keep your children busy.  However, now the year has officially begun with your kids about to go back to school.  Some of them are going to be excited, some are going to be nervous, some are going to be both!

A simple way to make this transition as easy as possible is to ensure your children are as comfortable as possible.   Some would say (I would say!) the first thing you should start with is your children's feet health.  Putting it simply, it's what takes our children to school and allows them to run around at lunch time doing what they love!You may be thinking your first stop should be the shoe shop, and whilst you may be right, it is also important to monitor and look for signs of discomfort on your child's feet before you make the trek to the shops. Check for any spots, sores, warts or tinea on your child's feet.

Has your child complained of any pain during summer holidays?  Have they had to pause their sports or games due to their pain?  Are they showing any signs of limping or loading up one particular side of their body?  (An easy way is to check their wear pattern on their shoes!)If any of these signs are picked up - it is a good idea to pay us a visit at Undefeeted Podiatry to get these addressed!Now that you've addressed these concerns, it is time to break the bank and hit the shops!

When looking for school shoes, there are a few tips to consider!

  1. Ensure there is form support at the heel counter.  This makes sure the heel is supported and prevents any excessive movement with your child's feet
  2. The shoe should not flex too easily with not much force.  If it does, the shoe does not have the appropriate amount of torsional stability to support your child's feet
  3. The shoes should only be flexible at the toe joints, as this resembles the flexibility of the feet
  4. There should be adequate room at the front of the shoes for your child's feet to wiggle around.  Typically, a thumb's width is a good rule of thumb to follow (Pun intended!)

Some awesome models to try out include:  Ascent Apex, Ascent Adela, Clark's Daytona, Clark's Infinity.
The Athlete's Foot will sell all of these shoes!

There you go!  You've survived another back to school period.  

If you have any questions regarding anything foot, ankle or shoe related - don't hesitate to pay us a visit at Undefeeted Podiatry