July 16, 2019

Stabbing Pain in the ball of your foot?

Do you suffer from pain in the front part of your foot? 

Does it hurt to run or wear high heel shoes? 

You may be suffering a forefoot condition very commonly seen in our studio called a Morton's neuroma, which should not be ignored!

Morton's neuroma is a benign swelling of an intermetatarsal plantar nerve, most commonly found between 2nd−3rd and 3rd−4th toe joints.

The symptoms can include:



Shooting / burning pain into the toes

you may even experience a click between the toe joints when squeezed

If this sounds like you come in and visit the team at Undefeeted Podiatry. Let us assess take you a though foot and ankle assessment to get to the source of the problem. Morton’s Neuroma often don't self resolve so it's likely you will need the assistance of a health practitioner 

Generally an Ultrasound will be referred for to examine the size of the neuroma. Preliminary Treatment involves modifying shoewear or strapping temporary padding to the foot to reduce the irritation and allow the pressure on the nerve to subside. 

Once we confirm your diagnosis we can then provide the following treatments in our studio:

  • Advice and education: rest from activities that stress the forefoot
  • Icing techniques
  • Professional strapping with forefoot padding
  • Checking your posture and walking style, to correct imbalances and gait abnormalities that may contribute to the pain
  • Shoe inserts (orthoses) to help support the foot
  • Surgical referral (if required)

So if you or someone you know is suffering with pain in the ball of their foot or forefoot pain rest assured we can help. Give our friendly custom service gurus a call to book in your assessment