July 16, 2019

Where can I find a fashionable everyday shoe?

Here at Undefeeted Podiatry we understand that a good pair of running shoes are not the only shoes you are likely to wear all day. Majority of our days are spent in casual style shoes or work shoes, and if these shoes are not offering enough support, or lack ideal features in a shoe, you may end up with tired and sore legs and feet by the end of the day. 

It can also be difficult and confusing trying to find an everyday shoe or work shoe that offers style, comfort and support. Remember here is what features to look for when shoe shopping: 

  • must flex at the toe/ball of the foot
  • Must NOT bend in the middle of the foot
  • needs a strong heel counter to hold the heel in place
  • Lace / Valcro / strap fixation over the top of the foot
  • A rounded toe box that reflects your own foot shape
  • Made of a durable material such as leather

We have also put together a list of some of the stores we love that offer shoes that can have you looking good, and feeling great!

Bared Footwear

Ecco Footwear


Rosenburg Shoes






Dr Comofort

Bilbys Shoes

And don’t forget, you can book an appointment anytime with any one of the team at Undefeeted Podiatry who will complete a footwear assessment and provide you with helpful advice.