“My passion for podiatry stems from my willingness to constantly learn and hence educate"


Kamalakar Ravi


B.AS, M.Pod Prac

Bachelor of Applied Science and Master of Podiatric Practice

Year of Graduation:

Why did you choose podiatry as your career?
I have always been curious and inquisitive about anatomy and physiology, this resonated
really well with the knowledge requirements of a podiatrist. During high school I had decided
on a role in allied health and was ready in being dedicated to a career that involved helping
and educating people. In addition, as a child I was taken to a podiatrist after I was noted as
“walking like a duck,” the podiatrist told me I had a small limb length discrepancy, he treated
and educated me on how to slowly avoid shredding through my school shoes and saved dad
the headache of brand-new school shoes every term!

What area of podiatry do you enjoy most?
I love all kinds of caseloads and am always eager to have a conversation about them,
however, I have a particular affinity to nail surgeries.

What is your favourite thing to do when you’re not at the studio?
I am a massive AFL fanatic, in my spare time I rewatch past AFL games (specifically round 3
Geelong vs Collingwood of the 2022 season). I love catching up with friends and family, I
am always down for a hearty meal around the round table.

What sporting team are you passionate about?
I am a huge, massive, colossal, gigantic, enormous (this can go on…) GEELONG CATS
supporter and have slept well every night since the 2022 Grand Final. I definitely need to
branch out into other sports, let me know if you have suggestions.

If you had a foot or ankle concern, why would you book with the undefeeted team?
At Undefeeted podiatry we provide holistic care that is always client focused, we always
strive to deliver the best possible treatment to all our clients, and we consist of a highly
motivated, enthusiastic team of health professionals who have extensive knowledge in the
field of podiatry.

What do you love most about being part of the team at Undefeeted podiatry?
The health professionals at Undefeeted are super supportive and provide an ideal
environment for self-growth. We lift each other up and constantly give feedback to one
another on how to make an optimal workplace.